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The existence itself reveals none, field is the upmost threshold by each ingress, and documenting is the only possibility for a review. Percept - Fixation No.12 Reference: Media: Ink pen and pencil on Saunders waterford acid-free watercolor paper (195gsm) | Year: 2022 Dimensions: 19cm x 28cm Tiong-seah Yap ( T.S aka Bear ) @tsakabear | © 2022 All rights reserved

Percept – Fixation

Perceptivity, percolates through the veil of enframing. Image, reverberates and fixt.

Seeing is desensitizing.

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The note of vigour swayed and fluctuated along the line of demarcation, which has animated as divers elongated curves over the impalpable succeeded pulsation, and meander through the veil of sensorium. The shades of motion have congealed into varied tonalities and recites a pied ensemble of vitality with arbitrary ebbs. Contours, were gradually afloat ; in a momentary gleam of light. All is awake, for the time being ; All had been a lull to shroud in the past.

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Imprint | Nocturne-Promenading | Drawings and sketches by Tiong-seah Yap [ T.S aka Bear ] © 2019 All rights reserved | https://tsakabear.com

Fantasia No.01 -Expatiatory I l Watercolor on paper © Tiong-seah Yap (T.S aka Bear) 2018 All rights reserved @tsakabear https://tsakabear.com


Continuum – Variations

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Continuum - Variation No.01 | Drawing by Tiong-seah Yap (T.S aka Bear) © 2009 All rights reserved @tsakabear https://tsakabear.com