vulgar or innovation ?

The differential between collage ( French word, literally ‘gluing or paste-up) and a pictorial puzzle, stated in a way, collage extracting the meaning of a pre-engaged notion and reconstructing in a new relationship with one another, in order to recompose,extend,contradict the dimension of perception through a combination of alien materials, on the contrary, a pictorial puzzle extruding the inner notion to coordinate a pre-established exterior notion. Collage is a organic method, in a way to gain new thought, while one perceives and understands, but a pictorial puzzle is a mechanical method in a way that gives fulfillment to meet one’s expectation. Collage introduced a century ago by Georges Braque ; Pablo Picasso, nowadays, the spirit of the organic attribute has lost its vigor by a deficiency of contradiction in a new environment – the media platform, which overflew with pictorial ; literal materials, it itself as a collage, contained contradictions, it keep extending before a notion can correctly compose and constantly represented fragmentary thoughts, a work of collage become a miniature of this dimension we living on, it coordinated and duplicated a pre-established notion, nonetheless another form of a pictorial puzzle. If a innovative method reached its fullness, it fallen into a circulation, what it has been perceived not the original idea which it intended to convey, but become a pure technical form to be recognized, in a similar way, the so-called ‘ Pop art ‘ movement began as an adversary to burlesque modernism by defining a work is [ Essentially a flat surface covered with colors ] and opposed with an idea of [ An image wanting to be recognized ] , today this provocative idea has lost its vigor by turned itself into another predeterminated label without accompany by its original contradistinction as it declared as an opponent; an contradiction, which provided the energy of the work to oscillate. Indeed, history not a exclusively logical progress, nor a work is separately from its background, which containing pre-established informations to extrude the meaning behind it. A different time and space, a innovative idea will turned into the vulgar, a pure technical form without new energy filled into it, it overbore the originality, nonetheless a mechanical duplication, a pictorial puzzle.