Between known and unknown

Humankind forwarding and overcame many unknowns, some remained, some resolved, century after century in a world without visible guiding grid, from clashing stones making fire, migrating from continent to another, a footprint left on the moon, humankind keep integrating and systematizing all kind of experiences, translated into understandable literal, oral, visual information, concluded as true knowledge and formed guiding principle for the society with a framework to avoid the repeating fatality and a situation of uncertainty.
Facing a new unknown situation, it examining the conductibility and responsibility of a leadership, it reflected the competency of it, which able to bring the greatest security for the society and to trust, as John Locke put it [ is the one great reason of men putting themselves into society and quitting the state of nature ] , and it’s a great reason indicated the leadership must be a trustfully, truthfully and responsible duty. A leadership keep concluding a truth by a good judgement between different knowledgeable opinions and visualizing a clear direction to overcome a unknown situation, it is not a container, containing all kind of undiscerning information and indistinguishable between true and false, a leadership is not an inventer, keep inventing an enemy and distracting the public away from its responsibility and invented an enemy to serve as a wonderful remedy for it’s insufficiency conductibility, cooperation, knowledgeable issue. A pandemic is not an enemy, it’s visible by every single infected man, known or unknown to us day by day, it’s a known infectious disease across countries with an unknown treatment, what it need is a cooperation and advise of experts without man-made visible boundary with a solid scientific knowledge to find a solution under efficiency conductibility.
Knowledge passing on, from generation to generation from different sources, a true knowledge be considered as collective notion be proved, concluded under an examination over different time period, before it has been replaced by new evidence which contained scientific;humanity factors, with true knowledge we entrusted a well-trained physician to do a surgery instead of a barber at the corner of the street, we entrusted a well-trained engineer to build a railway can travel in a speed of 350 km/h instead of a fantasticality to fly with a pair of wooden wings, we entrusted a security framework with righteousness instead of a corruptive framework with abusiveness. Ironically, in the 21st century when we are fascinated by all kind of convenience built upon true knowledge but still need a tiny organism invisible to the unaided eye to remind us there is an immune system inside our body and need true knowledge to find a solution for treatment.
Facing a big unknown, in a time of pandemic, ultimatism turned pale, uncertainty extruding the value of diversity. Reality is not an encyclopedia, a precisely, stationary state, instead, it is a variegated dimension concealing unknowns, its contour conceived and demonstrated by each individual, in order to reflect its accurateness, knowledge keep refining and reconstructing, notions interchanging, interfusing between each individual, knowledge not serving as an explanation of a falseness and inversing into a truth, instead, it justify itself time to time and concluded a truth.
Facing a big unknown, it’s a essential humane question about the responsibility to the life, it’s not a political question, politics is a tool and providing a solution for a society to function smoothly under a framework, any possibility motive behind it will inversed a truth into a falseness if it has been abused, but a true knowledge stays as a truth in order to provide a better perspective on the humanity. we entrusted a judgement based on a fact without distortion, instead of an ultraism without a ground or prejudice, a trustfully judgement can make a unknown situation into a knowable truth.