Hot air and Hot-air ballon

“Dreadnought fever” – An unattributed illustration published on Der wahre Jacob | Year 1909

A provident expression of visual language with fine and fluent technique, (seems like etching, a good combination with symbolic expression and contrast of tone), indicates the spirit of political scenery during the period of naval race between Britain and Germany before the first world war, a circuital pathway built upon cannons, a race towards the death.

Before the first world war, Otto von Bismarck commented on the Kaiser Wilhelm II as a ballon with the acuity of his vision – ” if you don’t keep fast hold of the string, you never know where he’ll be off to.”, ironically this ballon alike Kaiser commented on Adolf Hitler after the first world war – ” It will run away with him, as it ran away with me. “, to regain all the honours he had imagined, both of them, one as hot air and another as a ballon formed a ran away hot-air ballon flew towards the second world war.

History, sometimes was like a hot-air ballon, it won’t take-off without hot air.