Visible or invisible ?

‘Order ; Order ; Order’, it’s all about stability, a state of pure reality, a mental image.
Piet Mondrian, a dutch painter was born in a time, the cityscape was transformed by all kind of machinery equipments and the sky deducted; sliced by a bunch of higher and wider constructions, steam expelled from locomotive, misted up the vision, a phantasmagoria, consensual light shows, captured by the eyes of fascinated impressionist, it’s a new era of progress and changing. In contrast to them, P. Mondrian didn’t focusing on those changing lights or literally described as ‘surface on thing ‘. Instead, a new development built upon at the moment, when he was inspired by [ analytic cubism ] ( A term applied to Paul Cezanne, he introduced the study of volume and space on a still dimension, to analyse the observed reality), led him to a way of [ non-representation ] style or literally ‘mental’, it may see as an attempt of fulfillment, to resolve the incoherence between exterior and interior world, through a study of simplified and intensified the visible reality to a invisible state of observed reality – Horizontal; Vertical lines formed an order and 3 primary colors with black and white reversed everything to the primordiality.
If something must be in some sense outside the sphere of a concept of universe, it against itself, and no doubt led to double or triple truths, and even further to the infinity, and it will returned as subjectively view of interpretation.
[ Abstract ] is a method, not as a technique ( literally, to draw away from, to separate and to remove from ). No one intends to paint or to form the abstract, we seeing a way of Piet Mondrian, how he simplified the visible reality to archive a painted interpretation of a invisible mental image, and it’s an [ Abstraction ] .