Tiong-seah Yap (c) 2020 | Potsdam-Babelsberg year 2000 | 35mm digitalised analogue negative | @tsakabear Tiong-seah Yap | Potsdam-Babelsberg year 2000

One great thing about to digitise the analogue negative with another camera is, through the process of invert ( negative to positive ) ; lighting and colors adjustment, every single moment the image slowly afloat to match the vision which one has before, although it’s a similar process like the analogue darkroom, the later is a mirrored reflection has been reproduced and the former is kind of storytelling, the material itself is a substance that layered and impressed by every single sign of time, and unpreventable, the interpretation becomes a struggling through the crevice of memory, here, the accuracy itself not an objective reflection, instead it is a reformed subjective actuality which has been described and survived.

Tiong-seah Yap (c) 2020 @tsakabear | Potsdam-Babelsberg year 2000
Tiong-seah Yap (c) 2020 @tsakabear - Dresden - Die Semperoper year 2002
Tiong-seah Yap (c) 2020 @tsakabear | Käthe Kollwitz Haus in Moritzburg year 2002