Drawings and sketches | Title : Ensemble - Expatiation I . Rubato | Year : 2020 | Media : Watercolor on Saunders Waterford 300 gsm acid-free watercolor paper, mounted on acid-free black colour paperboard | Tiong-seah Yap (c) 2020 All rights reserved

Ensemble – Expatiation I . Rubato | Drawing

Rubato The timbre of life warbled in desultory rhythm, ranged through as a vivacious dance. Swarming, neither lingered nor awaited for a caught to unveil it’s amorphous temper, dispersed thereon. Reference : Watercolour on Saunders Waterford watercolor paper (300 gsm) , mounted on acid-free black paper. Dimensions : 275 mm x 370 mm Year : […]

Between known and unknown

Humankind forwarding and overcame many unknowns, some remained, some resolved, century after century in a world without visible guiding grid, from clashing stones making fire, migrating from continent to another, a footprint left on the moon, humankind keep integrating and systematizing all kind of experiences, translated into understandable literal, oral, visual information, concluded as true […]