Between known and unknown

Humankind forwarding and overcame many unknowns, some remained, some resolved, century after century in a world without visible guiding grid, from clashing stones making fire, migrating from continent to another, a footprint left on the moon, humankind keep integrating and systematizing all kind of experiences, translated into understandable literal, oral, visual information, concluded as true […]

vulgar or innovation ?

The differential between collage ( French word, literally ‘gluing or paste-up) and a pictorial puzzle, stated in a way, collage extracting the meaning of a pre-engaged notion and reconstructing in a new relationship with one another, in order to recompose,extend,contradict the dimension of perception through a combination of alien materials, on the contrary, a pictorial […]

Duplication ; inspiration or interpretation ?

Edgar Degas was born in a time, which the visible reality can be reproduced and represented through a new technology – photography, though for some pioneer, like W.H. Fox Talbot, photography was considered as a substitute for the traditional painting – a reproduction of visible reality. As a traditional well-trained painter (A term applied to […]